Wednesday, October 6, 2010

JCHC Kid Days: #1

Another cold, damp, and dreary day in Brookville, PA.  What better way to warm and brighten up the JCHC than with a group of fourth graders on a class trip?  Today kicked off a series of Kid Days here at the museum where school children come in to explore and learn about the past.  They start off early in the morning and go on a walking tour down Main Street, followed by a lunch break, then they come back to the JCHC to end their day.  On this occasion, I did not attend the morning tour, but I did help to supervise in the afternoon.  Once back to the History Center, the students were split into three groups to see all that we have to offer at the JCHC.  The groups saw a Bowdish Model Railroad show, got to shop in our gift shop, and explored our exhibits using the scavenger hunt worksheet that I talked about last week.  It was fun to see the kids enjoying themselves looking at our historical artifacts.  For the next Kid Day, I plan on taking the morning tour with the students to experience and document the full experience.  Hopefully I can get some pictures and videos of the tour that I can share.

Other than that, today has been spent doing more video editing for the 105th project that I have been working on.  I have been trying to time the videos out right to carry along with the narration well, and I have also been editing music clips to fit into the project.  Back to work...


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