Thursday, November 4, 2010

JCHC Updates: Informational Brochures

Hello everyone.  Our busiest time of the year when all the students come in for visits is finally over, so focus can now be spent on improving upon the organization.  For me, this means revamping the JCHC informational brochures and working on connecting with our members and patrons in different ways.

Most of you probably already know that the JCHC can be found on both Facebook and Twitter, both of which can be used to keep track of our news updates and event information very easily.  Check out the links below:

Those two social media links for the JCHC have been up and running for a little over a month now, and hopefully they continue to help us reach out to interested parties in a quick and accessible manner.

The informational brochures that I am working on were mostly my idea due to the fact that our previous ones are outdated and very low in supply.  So, rather than just copy the old one and make changes, I decided to start from scratch.  When planning out what information would be effective and appropriate, I determined that more than one brochure was needed to relay the desired information based on the audience.  So, I started designing a general information brochure, a brochure for teachers interested in the JCHC as an educational resource, and one for students (K-12) who might be working on a class project or assignment.  The work on these brochures is mostly done except for the proofreading, editing, and tweaking before I can declare them to be finished.  Stay tuned for digital copies of these brochures in the near future.

If anyone has questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact me.


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