Wednesday, February 9, 2011

JCHC Updates: MailChimp User Guide

Hello everybody!

Some of you may know that here at the JCHC, we've recently started using the HTML email service provided by MailChimp.  This service allows us to create and send very nice emails to our contact list very efficiently.

Originally, I found the website, started using it to get used to its features, and began sending out our initial emails.  I feel as though, since I am not always going to be a graduate assistant at the JCHC, that I should put together a small, easy to follow users manual for creating and sending emails through MailChimp.

So, I put together a 15 page guide that shows anybody how to log on and use the great features that the website has to offer.
The guide has many pictures showing where key buttons and links on the site are.  I designed it to be relatively basic, yet detailed enough for the user to learn more advanced features of the website through exploration and experimentation.

Now, all I have to do is make a guide for our Facebook...


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