Friday, February 11, 2011

JCHC Updates: Winter 2011 Jeffersonian

Today, I uploaded the latest issue of The Jeffersonian, the JCHC print publication that gets mailed out three times a year to members, to our website.  I wanted to share this with you because this issue contains an article that I wrote pertaining to my use of technology within the organization.

Below is an excerpt from my article:

"In today’s world where technology rules and people have access to an endless supply of information at home, at work, and on devices that fit right in their pockets, communication technologies are becoming a huge deal. For us, we see this as an opportunity to connect and share our work with the world. Here at the JCHC, we are changing the way that we communicate with members, patrons, historians, the community, our friends, and other organizations...

[One] step we’ve taken to connect more frequently with people is through the use  of an Enewsletter that gets delivered directly through email.  This service allows us to send out announcements about events and share news in a more frequent manner than our print newsletter.  Our first issue went out in early December and announced the Fieldstone holiday concert sponsored by the JCHC.  If you received this email, you are already on the mailing list.  However, if you did not receive the eNewsletter and would like receive future announcements, you can head to or contact us via email or phone in order to sign up."

To read the rest of the article as well as the remainder of this issue of The Jeffersonian, please visit this link: The Jeffersonian, Volume 24, Issue 1, Winter 2011


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